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Fly-By-Night 48 Hours Video Challenge

This is a Singapore national annual video competition organised by Objectifs, running from 2003 to 2013 for 10 runs (2011 was skipped). The following are the 9 times (knew about competition only in its second year) that I had joined of which I was honored and lucky to have won 7 times.

Fly-By-Night 2004 | Theme:Fever | Title of video: RevEf

Concept of the piece was abstract, playing with the idea of reversing the theme "FEVER" hence the abbreviated word "Rev" = Reverse and "Ef" = Effect.

The idea is to bring out daily lives passing by and explore the reverse effect on it, the aesthetics of life as seen in a reversed way. The music was from Vanessa Mae's "Happy Valley" for its melody and the dramatic quality of the piece. It was a creative decision to reverse the music at the end, hence a dyadic relation happens in the un-reversed footage with the reversed soundtrack.

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